Verhalen van Lief en Leed


Remco & Richard

Remco van de Weerdt and Richard Marsden got to know each other in the Spring of 2020. They share a passion for performing live music in an intimate setting, even though their musical backgrounds differ. In Remco’s case that was singing the music of Liesbeth List, while Richard enjoyed exploring traditional British folk music on guitar.

“Lief en leed” (Joy and Sorrow) was a theme common to both genres and formed the perfect basis for their first concert programme and album.

Remco van de Weerdt(vocals) comes from the South Limburg village of Meerssen. Even as a young boy, he dreamed of a future on the stage and wrote a letter to Jos Brink. In his reply, Jos wrote: “Dear Remco, work hard and do your best!”.

Remco moved to Amsterdam and, in addition to his work as a flight attendant at KLM, was involved in dance, theatre and music. He was highly regarded as a ballroom-Latin dancer, attended singing and acting workshops and performed in various children's theatre productions.

Through a meeting with Liesbeth List in 2015, he came into contact with the Dutch chanson. As a tribute, he recorded 5 songs from the repertoire of “La List” in his own Limburg dialect and released them on his first EP Toversjpèl. After this, he moved on to other famous Dutch songs and started an exciting collaboration with guitarist Richard.

Richard Marsden (guitar, bouzouki) hails originally from Saddleworth in the north of England but moved to the Netherlands in 1976. He started playing guitar in the early 1960's (at the age of 10), and as a teenager was soon performing on stage as lead guitarist in a local Saddleworth band. A career in space science at the European Space Agency proved to be more secure than rock music, however, but his guitars have always been close at hand. Over the years he has played in a number of folk-oriented bands, including Beggars Oak, Penmarric (fronted by singer Peter Urwin), and Triangel. In the late 1970's, Richard was a founder member and house-band guitarist of the Van der Geest folk club in Noordwijkerhout. More recently, he teamed up with guitarist/mandolinist Joel Lipton as the duo Carolan's Brew, performing mainly instrumental music from Ireland, English and American folk, ragtime, as well as baroque music. His latest musical adventure is as guitarist with Remco van de Weerdt.

Verhalen van Lief en Leed

Tales of Joy and Sorrow

The songs and stories behind them

Remco and Richard share the stories behind the songs with you. You can also find the names of the songwriters.

If you want to order the CD or if you are interested in a performance, you will find all the information at the bottom of this page.

Het duurt maar zo kort

Lyrics and Music: Fred Piek

This is one of Richard’s favourite Fred Piek songs. The lyrics express a feeling that resonates with a lot of people – who doesn’t long for Spring on a cold and wet day in January?


Lyrics and Music: Charles Aznavour & Herbert Kretzmer

Dutch lyrics: Marijn Brouwers

Remco was born in 1976. Richard moved to the Netherlands in 1976. Liesbeth List released an album of songs by Charles Aznavour that same year. Many years later she sang the famous song “She” in Dutch with Marijn Brouwers. We recorded it as a tribute to Liesbeth List.

Solitude’s my home

Lyrics: Rod McKuen

Music: Georges Moustaki

This song is about the feeling of being alone in a crowd, a chance meeting that might result in a lasting friendship, the loneliness that can be the price of fame - and, at the end of the day, acceptance. Rod McKuen’s poetry and Georges Moustaki’s music speak for themselves.

Tot jij mijn liefde voelt

Lyrics and Music: Bob Dylan

Dutch lyrics: Huub v.d. Lubbe

This love song has been covered by so many people in so many different ways that the challenge was to give it our own voice. In the end, we decided to go for a simple arrangement with Huub van der Lubbe’s lyrics. I hope we succeeded in meeting the challenge.

The last of England

Lyrics and Music: Graham Moore

The inspiration for this song was a mid-19th century painting by the English Pre-Raphaelite artist Ford Madox Brown, The Last of England. It shows a family leaving the shores of their home country on a journey of migration. The white cliffs of Dover — the port of departure — are receding into the distance behind them. Times were hard for many families in Britain in the 1850’s. In 1852 alone, more than 300,000 emigrants left Britain to seek their fortune overseas. The theme of emigration is obviously still very relevant today, and the song is a powerful expression of “lief en leed” (joy and sorrow).

Te hooi en te gras

Lyrics: Rob Chrispijn

Music: Herman van Veen & Erik v.d. Wurff

Lyricist Rob Chrispijn wrote a beautiful poem about a past love. Both Herman van Veen and Liesbeth List have performed and recorded this poem set to music. When we play it and sing it, we each have our own images. Perhaps you as a listener do too?

Streets of London

Lyrics and Music: Ralph McTell

Dutch lyrics: Guus Meeuwis

Ralph McTell’s Streets of London has become an English folk standard, and the lyrics paint an all-too-familiar picture of loneliness and homelessness in big cities everywhere.

Gisteren bestaat niet meer

(Gistere besjteit neet mjè)

Lyrics: Daan Bartels

Music: Daan Bartels & Ton Snijders

Sjors van der Panne released the song “Gisteren bestaat niet meer” (Yesterday is no more) during World Alzheimer's Day 2018. Daan Bartels wrote the text for this, inspired by his mother's illness. Remco sings it on this album for Daan's mother Annie (in Dutch) and for his aunt Maria (in the Limburg dialect - Gistere besjteit neet mjè). By adding bugle and cello in our version, we have given it our own twist.

Weet je nog

Lyrics: Hans Lodeizen

Music: Herman van Veen

No season is as poetic as Autumn. Autumn stands for transience, saying goodbye and starting over. Autumn can be seen as a symbol for all of life, for losing and trying to regain balance. Hans Lodeizen described it in an fitting and moving way in his poem “Weet je nog” (Do you remember). Herman van Veen first performed this song in the 1980’s.

Home I’ll be

Lyrics and Music: Rita MacNeil

Dutch lyrics: Benny Neyman

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, is well known for its traditional fiddle music, which was brought to North America by Scottish immigrants during the 18th century. The traditional style has been well preserved in Cape Breton, and its many folk music festivals are well known. Rita MacNeil was Cape Breton’s “Grand Lady of Song”, and Home I’ll be is an eloquent expression of her love for the Island.

The Dutch know this song as “Mie Mestreech” by Benny Neyman, who expressed his own nostalgic feelings in the lyrics.

Jij moet blijven

Lyrics and Music: Han Kooreneef

Liesbeth List passed away on March 25, 2020. She inspired Remco to sing. Liesbeth recorded the song “Jij moet blijven” (You must stay), written by Han Kooreneef, in 2009. Han in turn sang it for her during a tribute to Liesbeth in 2018. This made such an impression on Remco that he now sings it for her - the lady who said to him: "You have a beautiful voice, you must do something with it!".


The album Verhalen van Lief en Leed (Tales of Joy and Sorrow) has been released on CD. This can be ordered via email


Remco en Richard enjoy performing their music in living rooms, gardens and intimate theaters. Send emailfor more information.